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Diagnostic Laboratory Services and Lab Investigations.

These services are done in partnership with quality diagnostic centers.We provide lab tests that can help providers make an accurate and timely diagnosis. Our onsite lab offers a wide range of services and technical expertise. The laboratories are registered, licensed and categorized in Class E by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB). We have partnered with local and internationally accredited labs from Dubai and the UK (Lancet and York Labs International).


Our lab services are open to patients around Mombasa Road area (Lang'ata, Nairobi West, Madaraka, South B, South C, Imara Daima and Emabakasi) and patients outside medical facilities.You can expect: Daily testing, Same-day results, Comprehensive test menu, Priority turnaround times(STAT), Convenient appointment times including Saturday hours and Sunday (Booked Appointments Only), Consultation services, Home Lab visits, Critical lab values notification

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Nursing Services

Our services include, Triage, Home nursing, Wound care and dressing, Immunization and vaccination, Injections and Family Planning Services.

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Antenatal Clinic and Well-baby Clinic.

Our Antenatal clinic professionals provide healthcare services to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. We offer services and support to make choices right for you.Antenatal care will include regular appointments with a midwife, ultrasound scans and screening tests for you and your baby. Our services include, Antenatal Lab tests, OB-GYN Consultations and Ultrasound services.


The Houghton Medical Center Well- Baby Clinic services include: Wellness check-up for mother and baby, GP Consultation monthly, Immunization and vaccination, Solid food introduction Program at 6 months, Weighing and advise, Breastfeeding consultation any time on phone and Milestones checkup services.

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Pharmaceutical services (Both In-house and external prescriptions)

Houghton Medical Center offers medication services, over-the-counter products, and in-depth specialty services. We also provide office and home delivery from the center.

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Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Our Obstetrics/Gynecology department is a male and female provider group dedicated to women’s health at each stage of life. Our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners are highly skilled in obstetric and gynecologic issues and are passionate about helping women achieve their goals for personal health, and family.


For your convenience, we offer lab and imaging services onsite. Whatever your age, whatever your needs, we are devoted to the care of women and encourage you to take steps to take care of yourself.

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Family Medicine & Planning Clinic

The Houghton Family Medical and Planning Clinic encompasses all areas of primary care for all ages from newborns to seniors. These services include preventive care, managing chronic conditions, pediatrics and adolescent health, women's health and gynecology, men's health, and sexual minority issues.

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Ultrasound services

This is a medical imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain diagnostic images of structures within the body. Ultrasound can be used to view an unborn fetus, examine internal organs, show movement of internal tissues and organs, to guide procedures such as needle biopsies, image the breast and guide biopsies of breast cancer and evaluate structures such as the thyroid and scrotum.

Our ultrasound services include Doppler, Antenatal, Abdominal and Pelvic.

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Sickle-Cell Clinic

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a ‘silent’ problem with devastating effects in many parts of Kenya. SCD causes high rates of serious health problems and excessive early deaths (many children die undiagnosed and more than 90% die before 5 years of age!) because of the lack of recognition and comprehensive care. High school dropout rates have been observed among those diagnosed with the disease often due to prolonged ill-health.


We have developed a comprehensive information and care programs, to create more public awareness of SCD, while avoiding any risks of stigmatizing people with the condition. We have set up SCD screening programs in collaboration with AMPATH.Raising awareness about the disease is only the first step to better health. We are excited about the collaboration that Houghton has done with HRF and AMPATH in making this journey easier and better for the sickle cell patients.

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Wellness Program Clinic

As a community we need to move from treatment to preventative medicine whereby different aspects of one’s life are discussed at a consultation level. Wellness is about what you eat, how you sleep, how long you sleep, your social life and much more. The wellness program assists in detecting illness early on or preventing a condition.

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Pediatric Clinic

Nothing beats the love of a parent. Our children mean the world to us, we all want the best care for our children. Our pediatricians specialize in caring for the unique needs of children from infancy through young adulthood. We provide general and high-risk pediatric care, cross-cultural medicine, newborn care, preventive health care, developmental pediatric care and therapeutic care for childhood diseases. Serving as primary care physicians for your children, we monitor their growth and refer them to specialty consultations when necessary.

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Outpatient Care.

We take pride in continuing to provide outpatient pediatric care, delivering the comfort and consistency that children need in difficult times.

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Sports Physicals..

We perform pre-sports physicals for child athletes.

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Teen Health.

We are available to provide care and information for a variety of health problems that are unique to adolescents.

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Our Services

  • General consultation.

  • Home based consultation.

  • Immunization.

  • Vaccination

  • Baby home based immunization.

Our Services

  • Laboratory

  • Home based sample collection

  • Pharmacy

  • Delivery of medication and other supplies.

  • Wellness programs.

Our Services


  • Pediatrician

  • Family planning clinic.

  • Physiotherapy items

  • Nutritionist.

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